Gourmet Mushrooms now available.

About Us and our goal to become the best source for Gourmet Garlic in Edwardsville


The New Joirney

Raised on a family farm outside Edwardsville was the childhood experience we want for our children.  Like so many other family farms everything changed in the 80’s. Giving up ground and shutting down our small operation took much more than just a paycheck. We lost a way of life.


The Future

Here at Twin Circle Farm in Edwardsville, it is our goal to find a way to get back to nature. To return our family to the farm  in the Metro East as a daily way of life. To provide a better product, and use techniques that are basic and natural. We will provide a more regenerative and healthy Organic Farm in Edwardsville and provide you with healthier local family driven products. 

We we are focused on providing the highest quality Gourmet Garlic in Edwardsville Illinois.


Our Commitment

While we are striving for the best, we will take you with us through photos, videos, and updates. We love privacy as much as you, so be patient as we work through this discovery.

Help us make this dream come true and we promise to deliver the best products we can. From our new crop of Gourmet garlic and all of its potential, to bringing you the best a small farm can offer as we grow. 

We will work hard and invest everything we have to we show that generations of our families had it right long before the science proved it.

It all starts with taking the first steps to become your trusted source for the food that your family looks forward to.